Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

The cold season in Wellesley can really propel your utility bills to the skies. The good news is there’s plenty you can do to set up your home for winter and possibly save some money.

  • Clean window sills and moving parts. Sand, dirt, leaves and other debris can get stuck in window sills and shifting parts of windows or doors —and this can cause sealing problems. Clean these parts with a dry paintbrush to make a tighter seal and increase window and door performance.

  • Examine weather stripping. Loose weather stripping can let cold air in and impact your home’s environment. Be sure to re-attach or restore any loose weather stripping around windows and doors.

  • Test the caulk or sealant around windows and doors. Extreme weather in the Wellesley area and fierce sunlight can cause gaps in caulk or sealant around windows and doors. Check with a local professional to decide if fresh caulk or sealant needs to be put on your windows and doors.

  • Repair or replace damaged exterior surfaces. Cracked or deteriorated wood on the roof or near the foundation may allow cold air to escape into your home. Consult a expert to help modify any roof problems around your home.

  • Install storm doors. Storm doors add an extra layer of defense from intense weather and also help reduce air leakage. If you have storm doors, but they’re not functioning correctly, it may be time for replacement doors.

  • Exchange old windows and doors with energy-efficient ones. If you have older windows or doors or they have single-pane glass, you are probably paying more to heat your home. Replacement doors and windows with energy efficient, double, or triple pane glass made with protecting argon can help save money long-term. Windows with snap-in, between-the-glass blinds or shades can also help cloister your home from chilly outdoor temperatures. 

Want more information about winterizing your windows and doors or about new windows or replacement doors? Call the team at Pella Windows and Doors at 781-239-1161 or stop by our showroom in Wellesley.
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