Tips and tricks for door replacement

Tips and tricks for door replacement

Whether it’s your front door, your patio door, or even a back door; doors play a central role in the aesthetic that guests have when arriving at your Wellesley home. When you determine it’s time to replace your doors, it typically means you are prepared to increase your home’s curb appeal or that you are just eager for a change in home mood. Either way, replacement doors are a big change and require a few things to remember. Lucky for you, the pros at Pella Windows and Doors have a few things to consider before you determine the final new door style:

  1. Style with decorative hardware. Complete the style of your doorway with enhancing hardware on your door, such as door hinges, bells, and knobs.
  2. Add a splash of color. Speaking of curb appeal, why not accent your door with a pop of color? Colors that match your current paint scheme are great and consistent, but colors that provide conflict to your scheme can make your home look unique!
  3. Experiment with lighting. People often undervalue the functionality of lighting in an entryway. Whether you’re highlighting specific features, landscaping, or the door itself, good lighting can bring a complete look together and feel warm and inviting to house guests.
  4. Enhance with plants. The use of greenery about a doorway can also make a great first impression. Plants can draw attention to particular door details and distract attention away from other unfriendly features of a doorway.
  5. Try new accent features. There are many extra features that can enhance a door, such as sidelights, decorative glass, small windows and more. With the right accents, your door and home can receive a major revamp.

Greet guests into your home with an inviting doorway and make a lasting first impression. Drop by the Pella Windows and Doors showroom in Wellesley, give them a call at 781-239-1161 or arrange an appointment online to consider all the choices for getting replacement doors to improve the look of your home.

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